Adaptive and Scalable Platform for High Performance Edge Computing Services

Substantial demand for high performance
edge computing in a growing market

The future brings more distributed and adaptive monitoring and control applications. This change
also requires better and faster utilization of data streams. Reliable and distributed data acquisition
and exploitation is mandatory. This challenge opens business scenarios for a variety of new services.
Technology and market designers understand the need for powerful cloud and edge computing in
combination with adaptable high resolution measurement down to micro-seconds (μs).

Flexible architecture and proven technology to meet needs of asset managers and testing organization. integrates high resolution measuring, high performance big data analytics and easy data
accessibility. The innovative platform combines Gantner’s proven edge-type monitoring and
control units, an adaptive cloud system and a comprehensive user interface and applications with State of the art APIs.


gicloud platform grafik

Distributed Streaming
Platform and Database




  • Analytics

  • User Interface

  • Application

  • API

  • Enrichment

  • Rules

  • Service

  • Storage


    • KPIs / Speciffic calculations
      • Calculation of Key Performance Indicators
      • Example: Rol, Availability, Error rate, Uptime
    • Stream processing
      • Processing of your data stream on the fly (e.g. arithmetic’s, specific analytics’, enrichment
      • The system receives and send the data streams and execute the further tasks or application or analytics logic. The stream processor ensures that data flows efficiently and the computation scales and is fault tolerant.
    • Meta data
      • Project related information for executing analysis
      • E.g. asset structure, and components, link to inventory, services status, datasheets, alarm codes, ...
    • 3rd party plug-ins
      • Your customized Analytics Plug in (e.g. test.con)
  • User Interface

    • Charts
      Flexible chart visualization available everywhere in your network
    • Tables
      Show your data in real time tables.
    • Cockpit
      Status information of your setup worldwide
    • Dashboard
      Management dashboard for fast overview
    • Data Export
      Export your data:
      • Raw data or Predefined aggregation,
      • format as you need it for post processing (e.g. UDBF,.csv, Famos, Flexpro).
      • Files can also be imported for visualization and further analysis
    • Reports
      • Customized Reports
      • Scheduled reports will be senton a regular interval of based on events (alarms, trigger events)
    • Device & User Management
      • Keep control of your devices and user
      • Connect, configure and manage your devices in the cloud
    • Alarming & Rules
      • Create rules to detect dedicated events (Alarms, Warnings, Information) and trigger specific notification
    • 2-way Control
      • Control your setup from the platform
      • Secure connection and confirmed satus changes
      • See also Gantner Instruments OPC UA cpability
    • 3rd party User Interface
      • Run your own User Interface
      • Accessible via API (e.g. System status, view, rules)
  • Application

    • Testing
      • Engine testing
      • Component testing
    • Aerospace
      Aerospace Test Automation;
    • Asset Monitoring
      • Monitoring of your asset
    • Industries
      Industrial Monitoring
    • Condition Monitoring
      • Condition Monitoring solution for dynamic and static assets
      • Gantner Instruments provides monitoring solutions for both dynamic and static equipment in terms of vibration monitoring of pumps, fans, and turbines (dynamic), piping, vessels, heat exchangers or large machines (static).
      • Based on the robust and flexible Q.series and the cloud based web portal or dedicated software, a very reliable and cost effective trend and condition monitoring solution is available. Flyer-Condition-Monitoring  [pdf]
    • Battery Monitoring
    • PV Module TestingYour benefit:
      • technology benchmarking and analysis
      • verify easily expected energy yield, low light behaviour, long term stability
      • data provides best foundation for investment/technology decisions
      • understand and measure real module behaviour at different locations
    • Energy control
      • Energy Management and control
    • PV
      Monitoring and Control of Utility Scale PV Power Plants Intelligent Solutions for Highest Performance and Grid Integration
      Flyer-PV [pdf]
  • API

    Application Programming Interface (API)

    • Binary API: for real time buffer
    • XMLRPC for configuration
    • REST for data access, analytics and integration
  • Enrichment

    • Aggregation
      • Raw data is grouped together to form a single value of more significant meaning or measurement
        Example: e.g. 100ms interval is aggregated to 1s, 1min, 1h average values with Min and Max and standard deviation per interval
    • Event based processing
      • Data is logged, aggregated based on a pre-defined events / trigger.
    • 3rd party client
      • Your customized Enrichment Plug in
    • 3rd party Plug Ins
      • Specific Data streaming  protocols
      • MQTT, UPC UA, ..
    • Specific enrichment
      • Combine the measurement data with you application data stream or any 3rd party source
    • Replayable enrichment
      • Replay of all data from Distributed Streaming Platform into Database
      • Allows different granularity, analytics on the fly.
      • Different use cases, rules and alarm modes can be tested
  • Rules

    • Event Sources
      • Variable: Any Project variable or parameter can trigger events. Raw data will be used only
      • Device: can trigger events
      • Topics: Pre-defined topics can trigger events: e.g. “give me any temperature parameter which is >40C; “give me any devices where status is NOTOK”
    • WebUI configuration
      • Rules can be configured via WebUI and API
      • Raw data from event streaming and Database aggregation will be used
    • Script configuration
      • For more sophisticated and special applications you can run your rule-script and adapt, change it on your own
    • System Status
      • Status parameters of your system are shown
    • Machine Learning
      • Interface for 3rd party AI and ML functions
      • Fault detection routines or target vs actual performance calculations can be executed.
  • Service

      • Communication service between IO devices, controller and GI.bench/
      •  Secure and reliable information and protocol transport via WebSockets
      • No network limits
    • GI.config
      • Configuration service for parameters, arithmetic’s and rules
      • High speed data acquisition service, all measurement data from controller is available in Shared-Memory for multiple processes
      • Data logging function with file storage
      • Specific post-processing of the data, access via shared memory;
    • GI.auth
      • Authentication service to ensure correct access rights through the platform
    • GI.PlugIns
      • Post-processing of the data, access via shared memory
      • Specific protocols (ARING, …) ,
      • Functions (Energy Control. Enrichment (Rainflow)
  • Storage

    • Real time buffer
    • Distributed Streaming Platform
    • Data base
      • High available, Time series optimized data base
      • Custerd NoSQL database
      • Open source
    • Backup
      • Data backup
        Security from data loss will be achieved trough automated, decentralized backups and redundancy based on the customer requirements.
    • Live & historical data
      • Direct access to your live data and historical data
    • Hot Data
      • Select your data points which you need direct access for post-processing
    • Cold Data
      • Store your raw data efficiently for later usage or data replay.
      • Data  stored in distributed streaming platform or at Device Benefits

Seamless combination

Seamless combination of Gantner’s edge computing devices with cloud platform solutions (microservices)


User interfaces

Customisable user interfaces with easy Plug-In and feature add-on



Create your own dashboard for visualisation


Fast integration

APIs designed for fast integration into customers platform and data access


Time series data processing

Efficient time series data processing (down to micro-seconds) due to scalable platform


Hot / cold data storage

Clustered hot / cold data storage for minimum running cost


Unlimited data storage

on the device or based on a scalable data stream processing platform (granularity: micro-second to minutes)


Continuous integration

Continuous integration of GI.bench services and configurations to cloud level



Available platforms:
Cloud, Appliance or Desktop


The flexible configuration of does not only allow customers to build the systems exactly to their needs but also protects their investment: once the powerful edge and scalable cloud modules are installed, together with customizable service plug-ins they will allow to meet higher demands in the future.

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